Although taking a shower is supposed to be a revitalising and refreshing experience, what can you do if it stinks like rotten eggs? Your bathing routine can be rapidly ruined by this offensive smell, which may also have health concerns.

In this post, we’ll examine what causes a shower to smell like rotten eggs, how you may fix the problem at home, and when you should call a plumber.

What is the cause of the rotten egg smell in my shower?

The presence of hydrogen sulphide gas, a substance that gives off an identifiable sulfuric odour, is generally blamed for the rotten egg stench that you sometimes detect in your shower. This offensive odour may be caused by a number of things:

my shower smells like rotten eggs

Shower drain traps are an ideal setting for the growth of anaerobic bacteria, which flourish in conditions with little or no oxygen. As these bacteria decompose organic waste, hydrogen sulphide gas is produced, giving off the unpleasant stench.

Sulfur-Rich Water: If the water you use has a high sulphur content, such as hydrogen sulphide, the sulphur odour may get worse when you use hot water for bathing. The sulphur compounds may be released by the water’s heat, giving off a rotten egg-like odour.

Plumbing Issues: Plumbing issues might occasionally be the cause of hydrogen sulphide gas in the shower. For instance, an accumulation of organic material in the pipes, such as hair or soap scum, might foster the growth of anaerobic bacteria.

How to Get Rid of the Smell of Rotten Eggs at Home:

Cleaning the drain on a regular basis can help avoid the accumulation of organic residue, which encourages the growth of germs. Remove any visible hair or debris from the drain and think about using hot water followed by a solution of baking soda and vinegar to flush out any lingering residues.

The presence of stagnant air can be reduced and the accumulation of hydrogen sulphide gas can be avoided by increasing ventilation in your bathroom. To guarantee proper air circulation, open windows, turn on exhaust fans, or put in a dehumidifier.

Use a Water Filter: Installing a water filter will help eliminate sulphur compounds from your water supply and lessen the stench in your shower. To select the best filter for your needs, speak with a water treatment expert.

Flushing your water heater can assist get rid of any collected hydrogen sulphide gas if the rotten egg smell is only present in hot water. For this task, follow the manufacturer’s instructions or consult an expert for help.

When to Get Professional Help:

While many instances of rotten egg smell in the shower can be remedied with over-the-counter solutions, more severe or chronic odours could necessitate professional assistance. It’s critical to take into account the following if the problem continues in spite of your efforts:

A qualified plumber can check your plumbing system for any problems, such as clogs or blockages, that might be causing the rotten egg odour. To get rid of the odor’s cause, they can also clean and sanitise the drain traps and pipes.

A water quality test will assist you identify the precise contaminants present if you suspect that your water supply contains sulphur compounds. A water treatment expert might suggest suitable filtering methods to raise the quality of the water based on the findings.


It might be upsetting and unsettling to endure a rotten egg-smelling shower. The main source of this offensive odour is the presence of hydrogen sulphide gas, which is often brought on by anaerobic bacteria in drain traps or sulfur-rich water. Fortunately, there are a number of simple fixes you can try at home, like clearing the drain, improving airflow, and utilising water filters. It’s critical to get expert aid if the issue worsens or lingers, though.

You can regain the comfort and pleasure of your showering routine by taking proactive steps and treating the underlying cause of the rotten egg smell. Eliminating the unpleasant smell can guarantee that your shower continues to be a soothing retreat in your house, whether it just needs a quick cleaning or requires professional assistance.